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Annette O'Toole Nude Pictures

Annette O'Toole Nude
Annette O Toole is American Actress and dancer, born in Houston, Texas (USA., April 1, 1952.)

Daughter of William West Jr. Toole. and Dorothy Geraldine Niland, Annette began to operate from very young, with small roles in My Three Sons (1960), The Virginian (1962), Gunsmoke (1955), and The Partridge Family (1970). Although already in 1973 appeared in a number of television programs and televised drama, his first major role was as loyal girlfriend of Nick Nolte in "48 hours", which appeared in 1982. In the same year, appeared alongside Nastassja Kinski in "Cat people.

Annette O'Toole naked
In 1983 took part as Lana Lang in Superman III alongside Christopher Reeve. In 1985 appeared in the television production "Copacabana". In 1990, he participated in the remake of "A Girl of the Limberlost" and the "It" by Stephen King.

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He had recurring roles on the agendas of Nash Bridges (1996) and Huntress (2000) of television. He has also done a good number of good performances in the theater. In October 2001, he returned to a role part of the history of Superman placed on the skin of Martha Kent, mother of Clark Kent in Smallville series of television. This role will continue to play even today.

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O'Toole is married to actor Michael McKean in 1999, and in 2003 the duo was nominated for the Academy Awards' Oscar for best song "with" A kiss at the end of the rainbow, "a song of love she had written for the film "A myght wind."

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